275 pics Submachine Gun LQB01 LIFELIKE GUN MODEL Toy Gift

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Submachine Gun Story

In a distant, primitive tribe, inhabited by a peaceful and highly intelligent group of people, there came a day when a group of outsiders sought to invade their land and establish their economic stronghold. The brave tribespeople worked tirelessly throughout the night, inventing the Submachine Gun. The gun was sturdy and reliable, capable of rapid-fire, and ultimately aided the tribal people in defeating the invaders, successfully defending their homeland.

Inquisitive Insights

A reciprocating charging handle on a rifle is a mechanism designed to facilitate the manual operation of the firearm during the loading and unloading process. It is typically found on semi-automatic and automatic rifles and aids the shooter in quickly cycling the firearm.

By pulling it, the shooter can pull the bolt or bolt carrier group to the rear, ejecting an empty cartridge case and chambering a new round from the magazine. This action allows the shooter to prepare for the next shot without taking the rifle off their shoulder or losing sight of the target The primary advantage of this design is that it enhances the shooters rate of fire and overall efficiency.



items Included: Wooden pieces, rubber bands, etc

Pieces: 275 pcs

Difficulty Level:  5 stars

Assembly Time: About 5h

Age: 14+

Package Size: 453.5*153.5*51 mm

Assembly Size: 697*138*178 mm

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